Bitcoin Stats Bar

This is a bar you can place on your website if you have some available space!

This is not our normal advertising banner system, but it something optional some users might find use for.

  • Configurable to show many types of information (more coming soon!):
    • Bitcoin USD Price / Market Cap
    • Litecoin USD Price / Market Cap
    • Litecoin BTC Price / Market Cap
    • Peercoin USD Price / Market Cap
    • Peercoin BTC Price / Market Cap
  • Currently there are two style types for each symbol (change &style=1 to &style=2)
  • Currently it is a 468x60 banner size, more sizes coming (or upon request)
  • Want full names displayed? (e.g. "Bitcoin" instead of "BTC") add &fullname=1
  • You will not earn from "clicks" on this bar
  • You will gain referrals from users who click through
  • Want Bitcoin / Litecoin / Peercoin difficulty displayed? Other currencies / stock tickers? Please send us a message with any suggestions or feedback!


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