You can now disable login success/fail emails. Check your settings if you require this. If you have an auto-reply email system, you would previously get an email every time you logged in, but some people have an automatic ticket generator on their email system and we were spawning tickets with companies every day. You can now turn those off, however we highly recommend you leave this enabled, since you would be unaware if there was login attempts on your account without it. This is only intended for those who have an auto-reply email system.


Due to some of the scripts for stat generation running slow, I've turned them off for now. Pinning the server for minutes on end only hurts the customer experience, so I turned them off while I optimize the queries. Also I fixed the Bitcoin banner stats bar not displaying more than a $10 billion market cap!


Fixed that 'password does not match' error on shortening. That was a very, very strange bug. I suppose recent updates to our browsers was causing this issue, I diagnosed it and found a solution. Fixed!! Hooray!


I recently stumbled across a really neat program called ShareX. They apparently support direct shortening with CoinURL and I figured that it works so well that I would put a link to their site on CoinURL. You can find the page under the 'Info' tab for more information.


Hey! So I have been working on a new support system for a little while now and I decided to spend the last couple of days cleaning it up a bit, it's very simple but I think is absolutely necessary for improving the communication with our users. Please, if you have a question, do not hesitate to open a ticket. Previously it was hard to figure out which emails were answered or not after a couple of days, but with this new form, we will have a record of who all requires help.


Greetings!! It took us awhile to get the translations working correctly, but I think I have to remove them. I have not heard anyone say that they were good, but in fact that they were downright unlegible, and we would be better off with out them. So due to this, I am removing them altogether and perhaps sometime down the road we can revisit this way of integrating additional languages. In the meantime, I have put a little Google Translate button in that dropdown menu. Since our machine translations were from Google anyway, they should be pretty close to the same translations except at least this way it doesn't look like we made the mistakes, when there are probably many. Also, there was an issue with the header up top and how the translate bar wants to sit on top of it. Because of this, I made the bar not be fixed anymore. As in, it doesn't stay to the top when the page scrolls. Will revert that change if I can figure out how to have the translate banner and a fixed navbar on screen at the same time without fighting with each other.


Hey, sorry guys about the login notification emails you are receiving right now. I made a change that errored the script and they are now resuming, so sorry to approximately 1000 people for this delay! :)


I've added some nice buttons to our banner format stats page with the country's flag. Previously it just had text which was hard to read, now it is much improved! Check it out! Also I added a user stat page with limited data but you may find it interesting.


I've enabled a new stat graph for interstitials, there are still a lot more charts to put back up but it is a big improvement from earlier today.


Greetings! I have lowered the withdrawal commission to only 1% (was previously 12%, down from 50% when I bought CoinURL originally). The reason for the withdrawal commission fee was to provide a discount for publishers to advertise with their earnings. I decided that since we waived the fee for all small publishers this entire time, only large publishers were needing to pay any of it, so I have reduced the fee dramatically. It won't affect any small publisher but the large ones should be thankful of this change.


I've decided since I plan on updating the news page much more frequently, I should make it a central place for news updates. From now on, all posts here will be automatically broadcast over Twitter and our Facebook page. This way I can update all 3 places at once and you will have many different ways to connect. To view the feed yourself, there is a link at the bottom of this page.


In case you have not noticed, there is a new 'deposit checker' feature on the deposit page. The reason for this is deposits were taking a LONG time to clear, our monitoring service is usually speedy but sometimes could pause for many hours. Now there is a form you can enter in your address and submit and it will check to see if there are any outstanding deposits. I wish to improve upon this and make things a bit more steamlined but at least if there was a delay you don't need to contact us to check on your deposit.


Also, I have made this news page dynamic, so we will be updating it much more often. In doing that I removed the Russian translations, but I can script the automatic translation to all other languages.


Greetings Bitcoin community! I have an annoucement about CoinURL! In recent past, we have had to reject all Bitcoin faucets from participating in CoinURL. This was because faucets generate massive amounts of traffic advertisers were not seeing the quality from faucet clicks like they would from a normal website like a blog or forum. We had no choice at the time, but we came up with a solution! Your revenue on a faucet is not paid per click, but per unique impression. In addition, advertisers who have received clicks from a faucet will get a partial refund on every click. We will charge advertisers a set rate for faucet clicks, which we will adjust over time for the BTC conversion, right now it is set at 0.0001 BTC. So if you purchased clicks for 0.0004 BTC, you will receive a refund to your account of 0.0003 BTC. Just as an example. Then the publisher of the faucet will receive a fair rate per unique visitor. It is important for us to make it fair for both parties so we will make adjustments as necessary but right now it works well and we can now accept faucets! We encourage all faucet owners to resubmit your faucets for review! If you have any questions you can reach us at!


Greetings! Lots of things being updated this week! You may have noticed a promotion code entry area in the vouchers section. This is a new type of code for CoinURL and it is promotion purposes, if you apply a code it will have a time-based benefit to your account. Currently being used for deposit bonus codes, but potentially other types in the future. Also today we accept Peercoin! We are excited about this currency and one way we can show our support is to allow deposits in Peercoin. They are converted to Bitcoin on the fly (so you won't have a Peercoin balance) but it is a start. I also put an animation on the text on the front page. In addition, congrats to all the users! 20,000 active members currently who log in each month, 65,000 total users.


Greetings! As you may have noticed, we have new languages support. Your langauge not there? Let us know and it will be. Still have a lot of tuning to do to smoothen out this new deployment, but it is relatively functional right now. If there is a mis-translation send us a message to correct it (I expect there will be MANY..) and any bugs a long the way. I know of the bug where if you go to one of the new developers' pages (gstat.php, psites.php, etc) it resets to English. Soon it will be perfect! Enjoy!


Hey! Sorry I haven't updated this news since I created it back in March. Just wanted to let everyone know the site is still in constant development and much is being done everyday. If you ever have any questions or suggestions, send us a message using the contact form or email and the team will help you out. If you had an interstitial ad and it has recently went back into pending, it is because we introduced a new minimum bid for advertising. 0.001 BTC per 1000 views is the new minimum, which is still extremely cheap and works much better for publishers. But at the exact same time we introduced it, we introduced new cheat-prevention measures which means the views are worth more so it's better for advertisers too.


Greetings users! I am maplesyrupghost, the new owner of CoinURL. I wanted to say hello by changing the site's look! I have so many things planned for CoinURL. I created this news page so I could post here as I make changes and it gives me somewhere to announce new and upcoming features. If something is not working or looking right, please send us a message using the contact form!