Greetings!! It took us awhile to get the translations working correctly, but I think I have to remove them. I have not heard anyone say that they were good, but in fact that they were downright unlegible, and we would be better off with out them. So due to this, I am removing them altogether and perhaps sometime down the road we can revisit this way of integrating additional languages. In the meantime, I have put a little Google Translate button in that dropdown menu. Since our machine translations were from Google anyway, they should be pretty close to the same translations except at least this way it doesn't look like we made the mistakes, when there are probably many. Also, there was an issue with the header up top and how the translate bar wants to sit on top of it. Because of this, I made the bar not be fixed anymore. As in, it doesn't stay to the top when the page scrolls. Will revert that change if I can figure out how to have the translate banner and a fixed navbar on screen at the same time without fighting with each other.

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